Temporary Graduate Visa – Subclass 485 Requirements

485 Visa Requirements 2023

International students can stay and work in Australia after completion of studies with a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485).

485 Visa Requirements and New Rules

Overseas students are attracted to Australia for its availability of post-study work opportunities. The Australian government provides the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) for international students who want to work in Australia after completing their degree.
The 485 visa is available to applicants who are international students who have completed two years of study in Australia.

To qualify for a 485 visa, applicants must meet specific requirements:

  • To be eligible, you must have held a student visa (Subclass 500, 570-574) in the last 6 months.
  • To be eligible for processing, you must hold a Bridging Visa A, B, or a substantive visa.
  • Health Cover is essential for the duration of your visa.
  • You have completed a CRICOS-registered degree, master’s, or doctorate.
  • To qualify for the Work Stream, applicants must have either a related occupation on the skilled occupation list or a higher education degree.
  • Applicant must be under 50 years old.
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in English.
  • Students must be enrolled in the approved course for two academic years (92 weeks). Students must complete a course taught in English over 16 months to be approved.
  • You must apply for your 485 visas within 6 months of course completion, which is the date your educational institution notifies you that you have met the requirements for their degree.
  • Applicants must fulfill health and character requirements as specified by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

485 Visa Processing Time

  • The Temporary Graduate Visa processing time is 1-4 months, varying depending on the work stream and country of origin.
  • Post-study work stream applications are typically granted faster.
  • It is important to have compliant health insurance in order to get your visa processed smoothly.
  • You are able to live and work full-time in Australia on a bridging visa (Bridging Visa A or B) while waiting for the decision.

Different Streams Of 485 Visa

Graduate Work Stream: The Australian visa has a pre-determined duration of stay. After 18 months, you must move out of the country or find another visa to determine your stay longer. To be eligible for an Australian working holiday visa, the candidate must have studied in Australia for at least two years, be nominated in some specified occupation on the country’s strategic skill list, and meet a certain set of requirements.
Post-Study Work stream: Post-Study Work Arrangement applies to students who have accomplished a bachelor’s degree from an Australian institute and can also help them pay for their accommodation. Students can stay in Australia for 2 to 4 years and receive assistance with their living expenses.
Second Post-Study Work Stream: The Temporary Graduate Visa allows those who have studied in a regional Australian institution to live and work in Australia for 1-2 years.
Replacement Stream: The new Temporary Graduate Visa extension offers 18 months to 5 years of living, studying, and working in Australia for those who have lost status on their original visa due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

485 Visa Cost

The cost of a visa varies depending on the type of visa applied for. It can be as low as AUD1,730 for a Graduate Work Stream or Post Study Work Stream. It can be around AUD680 for the Second Post Study Work Stream.

Specific Documents Requirement:

  • English language proficiency and a completed application form are required.
  • Health insurance and identification documents are essential for managing legal and financial affairs.
  • Birth certificates and passport-sized photos are required.
  • Health certificates are usually required for a variety of reasons, but one purpose is to prove that a person does not have any diseases or health conditions that would make them unfit to work in certain fields. A police clearance certificate is used to show that someone has no criminal record and thus should be trusted.
  • With a certificate or degree recognized by the school you studied in, it is easier to find employment. There is a range of occupations related to your field of interest and you will be qualified for entry-level positions in those industries.

The Bottom Line

Australian students are extremely engaged with the country’s culture and environment. The lifestyle is appealing, and the work opportunities are moderate. Students in Australia may be able to apply for permanent residency after just one year of study. The Temporary Graduate Visa allows people to stay under skilled occupation visas which is appropriate for those who want to work based on their skills rather than their country of origin.

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