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Are you looking to start a new life in Australia? We provide reliable guidance, aid, and support in obtaining an Australian visa. With the help of our MARA-registered Immigration consultants, you can take the first steps toward beginning your journey to Australia. So don’t hesitate. Get in touch today and make your Australian dream a reality!

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    The Australian visa process is not always smooth sailing for Bangladesh people and with points-based immigration, it’s vital to understand the system. From calculating your points score and finding out how to increase it to understanding what makes you eligible for an invitation to permanent residence. These are all things that a MARA-registered Visa Consultant can provide guidance on. It’s also important to consider the cost of applying for visa fees and stages in the financial process.

    Ozee Migration provides expertise in a variety of visa types, tailored to your specific needs.

    Ozee Migration provides pathways to immigrate to Australia based on individual profiles, qualifications, and experience.

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    Assessment of individual points to advise on the most suitable visa program.

    Know About Minimum Points Assessment

    To migrate to Australia from Bangladesh, you will need a minimum of 65 points. We will collaborate with you to get the highest possible Australian Points Score.

    Points for your age

    If you are moving to Australia from Bangladesh, the number of points you can earn for your age is as follows: 18-24 (inclusive): 25 points; 25-32 (inclusive): 30 points; 33-39 (inclusive): 25 points; 40-44 (inclusive): 15 points.

    Points for English Proficiency

    If you move to Australia from Bangladesh, you must have at least 20 points in English language proficiency, 10 points for being proficient, and 0 points for being competent.

    The best

    Migration Agent In Bangladesh

    Visa application process

    At Ozee Migration, we’re specialists in visa application procedures, case studies, documentation assistance, and refusal case analysis. Our experienced immigration advisors are here to assist you throughout the entire visa application process.

    Visa Documentation

    We understand the importance of documented precision, so be assured our experts will prepare your vital paperwork for authorization purposes.

    Reviewing Refusal Cases

    If ever you experience rejection with your visa application, we can still offer our services to analyze and review your refusal cases so that you may refile again with ease.

    Our  Customer Relationships
    • We are dedicated to being completely open and honest with you about our fees.
    • Immigration to Australia from Bangladesh has increased annually by 11.88%, We assure to make your visa application as simple as we can.
    • We will offer you ongoing support until you get the outcome you’re seeking
    Our Professionalism Speaks With Our Work
    • We provide assistance with visa applications by evaluating and recommending the most suitable visa type for you.
    • We can give you a manual to help you with the paperwork you need.
    • We also offer reliable visa extension services and effective visa management.
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    Achieve Your Immigration Goals With Ozee Migration

    If you're searching for a migration service that is committed to integrity, professionalism, and knowledge, then Ozee Migration Services is the right choice for you. Our registered migration agent is dedicated to offering reliable and efficient services to all of our clients in order to help them reach their immigration goals.

    Delivering Our Promise

    We are committed to keeping our word and providing ongoing assistance during the whole visa application process.

    We Stay Up to Date

    Our group possesses an intricate grasp of the visa regulations for all classifications in Australia, and we remain current on any alterations or updates.

    Transparent Solutions

    Put your trust in us to respect your time, money, and plans. We'll provide you with clear solutions to all your migration needs. Select Ozee Migration Services for a hassle-free migration experience.

    Migration Agent In Bangladesh Providing Visa Services In All Cities

    When looking for the right migration agent in Bangladesh for all cities, you will want to ensure that the agency you choose is experienced and knowledgeable. With our help, you can get your visa approved in the fastest time possible and avoid any delays or obstacles.

    Contact us today for expert visa advice!

    We are one of the best Australian migration agents in Adelaide and provide the most appropriate migration advice tailored to clients’ needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Australia visitor fee for Bangladeshi citizens?

    For Bangladeshi citizens, the fee for an Australia Visitor Visa is USD $250.99. This price includes the service fee and the visa will be issued within 30 days using the Standard Processing Time.

    What is the timeline of Obtaining an Australian Visa from Bangladesh?

    It may take as long as four months to get an Australian Visa if you go through the usual process that most travelers do. However, Ozee Migration can offer you a visa in just 30 days. If your trip is quickly approaching, you should submit your application for the visa now.

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