A Complete Partner Visa Australia Checklist

a complete partner visa Australia checklist

The Partner visa for Australia is designed for the purpose of allowing an Australian citizen or permanent resident to provide sponsorship to their partner for an Australian visa. The partner of the Australian citizen or permanent resident must be either a spouse, de facto partner, fiance, or interdependent partner. This type of visa grants the sponsored partner temporary and permanent residency in Australia, allowing them to stay in the country. Partner visas are a great option for those who want to live with their loved ones in Australia and enjoy all the benefits of living there.

What is Subclass 820 Partner Visa (temporary)?

The Temporary Partner Visa, also referred to as Subclass 820 Visa, allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen to reside in Australia for a limited period. It serves as the initial phase to get the Permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 801).

Partner Visa Australia Checklist

  • Form 80 is mandatory for all applicants, as well as for any accompanying dependent children aged 16+.
  • Submit at least two declarations from external parties to validate your relationship (Form 888).
  • A passport biodata page is required for each applicant applying for a passport.
  • Include a passport biodata page for each of the dependents stated in your application.
  • The applicant must submit two passport-sized photos.
  • All dependents named in your application must have two passport photographs attached.
  • To apply, the Birth Certificate should be valid, duly mentioning the names of both parents.
  • The full birth certificate of all dependents listed in your application is included.
  • In order to prove a change of name, you will need supporting documents such as a marriage certificate (if applicable).
  • A death certificate is necessary for widows and widowers, if applicable.
  • Evidence of Shared Accommodation includes a joint lease agreement, proof of bond payments, documents showing joint property ownership, bills with both of your names on them and photographs of your home.
  • Evidence of correspondence addressed to both of you, such as online orders for books, clothes, shoes, and other items, letters, cards, or invitations sent through the mail and addressed to both of you at your home address.

Partner Visa Australia Checklist

Process of Partner Visa

Before applying for the 820 (temporary) and 801 (permanent) visas, it is important to confirm your eligibility. Later on, you can apply for both visas, starting with the 820 visa which will be granted initially. Following a period of two years, you will become eligible for a permanent visa in Australia.

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Processing Time of Partner Visa

25% of applications are finalized after approximately 4 months.
50% of applications are finalized after approximately 8 months.
75% of applications are finalized after approximately 17 months.
90% of applications are finalized after approximately 37 months.

Cost of Australian Partner Visa

The cost for most applicants is AUD8,085, while for holders of a Prospective Marriage (which means you can enter Australia for the purpose of getting married to your intended partner, followed by submitting an application for a Partner visa.) the cost is AUD1,350.

The Bottom Line

The Partner Visa 820 grants temporary residence in Australia for two years, while awaiting processing for permanent residency. It is advisable for couples to seek immigration advice with the visa 820 checklist. Ozee Migration offers professional assistance in the immigration process for partners who wish to reside in Australia with an Australian partner. Our migration agent in Adelaide can help navigate even complicated situations, streamlining the process.

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