Is Partner Visa 309 a Permanent Residency?

Is Partner Visa 309 a Permanent Residency?

No, the Partner Visa Subclass 309 is not a permanent resident visa. A specific period is granted for the partner or spouse of an Australian citizen, or permanent?? resident to live in Australia through this temporary visa. It can lead to permanent residency through the subsequent application for the Partner?? Visa Subclass 100, provided the relationship continues and meets the relevant criteria. ?

The applicant is the spouse or de facto partner of(a)  an Australian citizen;(b)  an Australian permanent resident(c)  an eligible New Zealand citizen.

Concerning immigration, a crucial aspect comprehends the numerous?? visa options and how they can affect people. For couples in a committed relationship, Securing permanent residency in another country like Australia is often achieved through obtaining a Partner Visa?? 309. Yet, the clarification of whether the Partner Visa 309 provides permanent residency or not remains pivotal. ?

This article will extensively examine the details of the Partner Visa?? 309 and investigate its implications for obtaining permanent residency. ?

Commonly called the temporary partner visa, The Partner Visa 309, is specifically created for individuals who?? are in a sincere and continuing relationship with an eligible Australian citizen or permanent resident. Temporarily residing and working in Australia is permitted with this visa while?? waiting for a decision on the applicant’s permanent residency application. Both the Partner Visa 309 and the application?? for permanent residency are submitted together.


Partner visa Australia
Application Process for
Subclass 309

  • A 2-step process is utilized?? in the application.
  • You have an obligation to apply a combined application for a temporary?? visa (subclass 309) and a permanent visa (subclass 100 visa). You will first be assessed in order to?? qualify for the temporary subclass 309 visa. If approved, it will enable you to come and stay?? in Australia while Immigration handles your permanent residence application.
  • To lodge the combined subclass 309/100 application, it?? must be done from outside of Australia. Being outside Australia during the granting of the?? temporary visa is a requirement as well. For the grant of the subclass 100 visa, your physical?? location can be either inside or outside Australia. ?
  • Two years following lodgment of your application, your evaluation?? for the subclass 100 visa will take place. If your application is accepted, Australia?? will grant you permanent residency. Keep in mind that while reviewing your subclass 100 visa application, Immigration authorities will?? verify if you still satisfy the criteria for granting the partner visa. A crucial factor to consider in this evaluation is if you continue to?? be in a married or de-facto union with your Australian companion.

Benefits after Getting Partner Visa 309

  • Upon receiving approval, holders of the Partner Visa 309 are granted numerous advantages that include?? the capability to reside long-term and engage in employment or academic pursuits within Australia.
  • It also grants access to Medicare, The healthcare?? system that is publicly available in Australia.
  • Furthermore, it presents the possibility to seek Australian?? citizenship upon fulfilling the criteria for residency.
  • Even though the Partner Visa 309 does not grant permanent residency?? automatically, it serves as a pathway to acquiring it.
  • After living in Australia on a temporary visa for two years, they?? meet the requirements to seek approval for Partner Visa 100.

Eligibility Requirements of Partner Visa 309

  • To move forward, it is necessary that you are 18 years?? of age or above (married couples may have some exceptions) ?
  • You must be married to, or alternatively have a de-facto partnership alongside, with an Australian citizen or permanent?? resident, alternatively someone throughout whom requirements of being labeled as being eligible Australian citizen are granted.?
  • Your sponsor must be aged 18 or older?? (There are certain exemptions for married couples).
  • Being sponsored by your Australian partner is a requirement (remember that there are restrictions on who can be?? sponsors). If your partner is aged fewer than 18, sponsorship from their parent or guardian will be required. ?
  • Meeting health and character requirements is?? a must for you. ?
  • Your relationship status. ?
  • When assessing your eligibility for a visa grant, it is necessary to guarantee that your relationship with?? your Australian partner meets the guidelines as per the requirements for obtaining a visa. ?
  • To satisfy these conditions, the condition mandates that you must either have a marital?? status or be involved in a de-facto union with an Australian individual. Note that these are defined terms and may not match regular or typical usage For example; a?? de facto relationship can be defined in various ways according to different laws and countries. ?

Marriage Requirements

If you and your Australian partner are married,?? you must satisfy the following requirements: ?

  • Your marriage must be legally valid in Australia If you entered into a marriage abroad, it?? is essential to ensure its recognition in Australia by following the necessary confirmation process.
  • You and your partner are both dedicated to building a life together?? in the context of being legally wedded excluding any third parties?
  • You have a real as well?? as enduring connection.

De-facto relationship ?Requirements

  • Your relationship is genuine?? and continuing.
  • You share a residence, or you?? are not permanently separated. ?
  • You are not related?? by family. ?
  • Regarding a de-facto relationship, it is necessary to prove that the relationship?? has endured for a minimum duration of 12 months upon applying. ?

Application Fee for Subclass 309

The table below presents the current fees for?? lodging a subclass 309 visa application.

A table is available with the current application fees?? for lodging a combined subclass 309/100 visa application. Note that these fees?? can change. Note also that these fees can vary,?? depending on your individual circumstances. Use this guide as a reference?? to predict the typical scenario. ?

Visa Subclass Application lodgment fees – Main Applicant Application lodgment fees –?Additional Applicants
Subclass 309/100 Visa $8,850 Age Group Under 18: $2,215
Age Group Over 18: $4,430

The method of payment used determines the percentage?? rate for the potential payment surcharge.

Other costs ?

You are also likely to incur other costs,?? in addition to the visa lodgment fee. The application process includes?? these costs. The amount of these costs is?? contingent upon your personal circumstances. ?

Other costs may include?? the following:  

  • Medical examinations, specialist fees, and any associated?? additional costs where issues are identified?
  • Character checks will have different costs and requirements?? based on the county of application. ?
  • Converting original documents to English when?? they are not in English?
  • The list mentioned is?? not complete. You might have additional expenses that?? are unique to your situation. ?

Incurring the professional fees of a migration agent or immigration?? lawyer is also part of engaging their services. Confirmation of the fees will be provided to?? you before your service agreement start. ?

The Bottom Line

Even though a Partner Visa 309 is not classified as an immediate permanent?? residency visa, it functions as an avenue to achieve permanent residency in Australia. After living in Australia for two years on the temporary visa and meeting?? the ongoing relationship requirements, applicants can apply for the Partner Visa 100. With permanent residency status, this?? visa enables them. For a smooth application process, it’s suggested to get guidance from either a?? professional migration agent or an immigration lawyer to navigate the application process successfully. This guarantees that every prerequisite will be satisfied?? to successfully reach the desired goal. ?

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