Australian Spouse Visa Requirements in 2023

Australian Spouse Visa

The Australian spouse visa process is quite complex, and you’ll need to gather all the required evidence, meet certain eligibility criteria and provide reams of paperwork before being able to apply. If you are an Australian citizen and live in Australia, you may be able to apply for a partner visa on your own. If you are not an Australian citizen, you will need to apply for a partner visa through the Australian embassy in your home country. A spouse visa is an option to become a permanent resident of Australia if you are married to an Australian citizen.

It is important to note that a spouse visa, also known as a partner visa in the migration system, does not require one to be married. For example, de facto couples are also eligible.

Learn about what the requirements are and how to get your spouse into Australia.

Below are the Australian Spouse Visa Requirements

Spouse Visa Eligibility Criteria:

Australian Partner Visa Conditions: If you want to partner with someone in Australia, you’ll need to satisfy the following conditions.

  • You and your partner have to be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must have a sponsor who must be PR, Citizen or Eligible New Zealand Citizen
  • You and your partner must be unmarried, or if married, not divorced from each other. You must have a  genuine and ongoing relationship.
  • You cannot have a record of a criminal conviction for an offence that carries a jail sentence of 12 months.
  • You must demonstrate that you have lived together continuously for at least the past 2 years and that your relationship would otherwise continue to exist.
  • You must have sufficient assets to maintain a lifestyle you would be able to support together in Australia.
  • The English language requirement is waived if you and your partner meet certain criteria, including having lived together continuously for at least the past three years and that your relationship would otherwise continue to exist, or if one of you is granted permanent resident status in Australia.
  • You can apply this visa on the basis of Marriage or defacto relationship.

Evidence of relationship:

You’ll need to provide extensive evidence of your relationship and prove that you meet certain eligibility criteria. Evidence that could be used includes signed written declarations from your partner and parents indicating the authenticity of your marriage, photos of the couple together, or letters from a religious entity.

Legally married and intend to maintain marriage:

Your marriage is genuine and not a common-law relationship. Your partner does not hold a criminal record. Your partner does not have any ongoing criminal charges against them.

Financial requirements: 

For the Australian Spouse Visa Process, the partner must have a minimum monthly income of AU$ 1,261.82. or the equivalent of $9,810.81, per month.

Time Period to obtain a Spouse Visa in Australia?
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) estimates that a Spouse visa could take around 12 months to be issued. This is based on a few factors, for example: 

– The examination of the application and supporting documents 

– DIBP staff processing time 

Australian Spouse Visa Cost? 

The cost of the Spouse Visa for Australia can vary depending on the type of visa you’re interested in.

Spouse or De-facto Visa Application: The spouse or de facto visa is a temporary visa for people who are legally married or in a de facto relationship. In order to obtain the visa, the applicant must demonstrate that they cannot be married to a citizen of Australia. The average cost of a De-facto Visa application, including the processing fee, is approximately AUD7000. If (Application lodged outside of Australia – SC 309/100. The following are child fares for a flight (in addition to the cost of an adult) With the Children under the age of 18 years cost is AUD3860, and with the child below 18 years, the cost is AUD1935 each.

De Facto Visa application if (Lodged Inside Australia-Sc820/801). The following are child fares for a flight (in addition to the cost of an adult)With the Children under the age of 18 years cost is AUD3860, and with the child below 18 years, the cost is AUD1935 each.

Prospective Spouse Application: The average cost of a prospective spouse visa application, including the processing fee, is approximately AUD7715. If Application (Lodged Outside Australia-Sc300). The following are child fares for a flight (in addition to the cost of an adult)With the Children under the age of 18 years cost is AUD3860, and with the child below 18 years, the cost is AUD1935 each.

Medical Exam: The medical exam fee is required for everyone and will be due at the time of registration. The cost of the medical examination is $350 per adult and $300 per child.

Police checks: It can depend on the police authorities’ office in your country, and will vary in price.

Steps To Apply For Spouse Visa:

These are the steps to apply for a spouse visa:

Prepare Documents:

Make sure to gather all of your documentation, as these will be needed when it comes time.

Lodge Partner’s visa application:

To submit an online application for a partner visa, you will need to fill out the required form and pay the fees. Once you have done that and saved your receipt, you can start on the next part of applying.

Approval Decision from the DHA:

Once your partner visa application has been submitted, it sometimes takes a few months for the DHA to decide on your application.

Wait and get approval:

You need to get permission from the DHA first before acquiring your visa. This process can take a while.

Types Of Australian Spouse Or Partner Visa

(Provisional Partner Visa)

The subclass 309 visa is usually granted to people who are married or in a de facto marriage with an Australian citizen.

(Prospective Marriage Visa or Fiancé Visa)

On the other hand, the subclass 300 visa is granted to people who have been in a relationship with an Australian citizen for at least 2 years.

(Permanent Partner Visa)

Subclass 100 is for people who are the de facto partner of an Australian citizen. The person is engaged to marry an Australian citizen and has been living together in a genuine relationship with the person and their partner continuously for 12 months preceding the date of application. The applicant must not be in a de facto relationship with anyone else at the time they lodge their application..

(Temporary Partner Visa)

Subclass 820 is for people who want to come to Australia temporarily (less than 12 months) on their own or with their family. It is possible to apply for Permanent Residency through the Subclass 801 visa.

Evidence Documents for Identity, Age, and Marital Status?

For Finances: You can show household bills, bank statements, and pay stubs in both names.

For Household: An email about how you share housework, care for a child, or care of someone in your household.

For Social Matters: You are required to show documentation of your social status (i.e. birth certificate), your identity and age (i.e. driver’s license), and marital status (i.e., marriage certificate).

Commitment Prove: You’ve combined your personal matters with your finances. To show you respect one another and have a deeper understanding of each other’s situation and background.

Proof of De Facto: Ownership of property (eg: joint rental agreement, joint bank accounts, joint credit cards, bills, and lease agreements), Invitations to your relationship sent by relatives & friends.

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Question1: Who is not eligible for a Spouse visa?

Answer1: The spouse visa applies to those who wish to enter the country in order to be with their current partner and marry them. Included are the following marriages, which would make one ineligible:

  • Polygamy Marriage
  • Marriages within a Prohibited Degree of Relationship are legally prohibited.
  • Underage Marriages

    Spouse Dependent Visa Benefits?
    The Spouse Dependent Visa has many benefits. For example, you can apply for citizenship, receive social security payments, and travel in and out of Australia without a visa.

Question2: Difference Between Partner Visa Subclass 820 and Subclass 801?

Answer2: If you are not currently living in Australia and have a partner in the country, Subclass 820 is the visa type for you. It allows you to live lawfully in Australia for two years. If you would like to stay in Australia for a long time, then you can apply for subclass 801. It’s also called Partner Permanent Visa Onshore.

Question3: Meeting a Partner on a visitor visa and then applying for an Australian Marriage Visa Possible?

Answer3: Yes, You should have a valid visa to be able to apply for an Australian Marriage Visa. You can get this from the Australian embassy in your home country, or from the Australian embassy in another country.

In a Nutshell:

The operational guidelines for Australia’s immigration laws are difficult to understand for most people. There is a lot of confusion about the visa requirements and the pathway to an Australian spouse visa. If you’re seeking to apply for a partner visa in Australia, seeking professional help when it comes to immigration can greatly improve your chances of getting a positive outcome. By finding a professional migration agent, you’ll have access to all the information you need. If you are seeking up-to-date advice on partner visa requirements, spouse visa requirements, or the partner visa application process, a migration agent is waiting for your call. Ozee Migration can provide private consultations concerning how to get your partner’s visa.

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