191 Visa Requirements And Fees

191 visa requirements

If you want to stay in Australia and get a permanent visa, then 191 is the visa for you! This visa changes your status from a two-year, temporary visa to permanent residency in Australia. This gives you the opportunity to make more money because you don’t have to live in a specific location.

It’s a Visa you can apply for that allows you to enrol in Medicare, sponsor your family to come and join you in Australia, potentially apply for Australian citizenship.

The subclass 191 visa is a pathway for existing regional provisional visa holders to apply for permanent residency and eventually Australian citizenship. 

Requirements for Subclass 191 visa

Below are the requirements for obtaining a 191 visa:

  •  You should held 491 or 494 visa for 3 years.
  • You must have lived in a designated regional area for a minimum of 3 years to qualify for this program.
  • Have a minimum income of $53,900 for the past three years.
  • All applicants have met the conditions of your eligible visa.
  • You can apply for a subclass 490 visa under the Small Business Owner scheme. You can then apply for a subclass 191 visa.
  • Applicants with regional skill shortage skills must be physically healthy and of good character to receive this visa.

191 Visa Fees

The Visa application fee for Skilled Regional (Subclass 191) visa (subject to annual increase): First-time applicants are charged a one-time application fee of $385. The price for secondary applicants is $195. $100 for each secondary application.

Processing time for 191 Visa

Depending on the individual cases, the processing time for visa varies. Processing time depends on the speed at which you carry out the required checks and how quickly external agencies respond.

The Bottom Line

Contact Ozee migration for a consultation to help you discover if you are eligible to apply for this visa. Head to our FAQs for insight on visa applications.


How can I get PR after 191 visa?

Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) 191 Visa is available only to those who live in regional areas for 3 years.

Can I live anywhere on a 191 visa?

191 visa holders can live anywhere in Australia.

Is it possible to include family members on the 191 visa?

Yes, You can include your spouse/de facto partner as well as children with this visa.

Is the 191 visa points tested?

The 191 visa is not points tested. You must first be in possession of a 491 or 495 visa to apply for the 191 visa.

What is the minimum income for 191 visa?

As a result of the recent adjustments to taxation policy, applicants required to have a taxable income of at least $53,900. 

Is the 191 visa permanent residency?

The 191 visa is permanent so that you are able to stay in Australia indefinitely. 

Is it possible to choose any occupation with 191 visa?

Yes, the 191 and 491 visa allow you to work in any occupation.

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