186 Visa Processing Time

186 visa processing time

The Subclass 186 visa is a great way for skilled people to move to Australia and live and work permanently. This visa enables the applicant to obtain a residence permit in Australia after being nominated by their employer. It provides an opportunity for the applicant to enjoy all of the benefits that come with living and working in Australia, such as a strong economy, strong job security, excellent education opportunities and a great quality of life. Furthermore, this visa can also help the applicant’s family members join them in Australia if they are eligible for a subclass 186 visa.

Average Processing Time of 186 Visa

  • Most 186 (Direct Entry Pathway) visa applications are processed in 4-7 months, making it a fast and reliable way to start a new life abroad.
  • 75% of subclass 186 visa applications are processed in less than 3 months, and 90% within 5 months.
  • The majority of subclass 186 visa (482 Transition Pathway) applications take an average of 5 months, while the longest wait time is 10 months.

Applying for visas/immigration takes time and effort, but the amount of time required is dependent on the situation & requirements of both applicants & sponsors. The Home Affairs Department ensures that all applications are processed to a high standard. With proper preparation, applications can be processed much more quickly than usual.

To ensure the successful & timely processing of your visa application, it is advised to get in touch with one of the experienced Registered Migration Agents as they have the expertise to present your documents in such a way that will give you the best possible chance for approval.

The length of processing time can vary depending on multiple factors such as:

  • Submitting an application and its required documents can be a daunting task. However, ImmiAccount provides checklists that you can use to make sure you have attached every single paper needed.
  • Submitting your paper or online application can help speed up the process. Taking advantage of the online submission option is a great way to make sure everything is processed quickly and efficiently.
  • The speed of your response to inquiries for further information can make a huge difference in visa processing time.

As Per The highest priority, the current processing priorities are:

  • Family immigration applications that need special attention from government officials.
  • Applications from dependents of sponsors
  • Orphans with permanent visas can apply for sponsorship, even if their relative entered Australia illegally by sea.
  • Contributing parents and seniors are eligible for applications unless the sponsor or intended sponsor illegally crossed the sea and is a permanent visa holder.
  • Careers must submit applications from sponsors who have legally entered Australia with a permanent visa.
  • Elderly and dependent relatives can apply for visas, allowing them to stay in Australia with their families.
  • For those who arrived illegally in Australia by boat, permanent visas are now available.

Compelling Conditions

Applying for partner or child visas can be given priority if you can prove that it is beneficial to the applicant. Submit a request with evidence to the visa office handling your application.

All applications are given equal consideration, so no one can guarantee a higher priority.

It is not possible to prioritize certain visa applications based on compelling or compassionate circumstances.

The Bottom Line

Get your Subclass 186 visa application processed quickly and correctly for a successful entry into Australia by taking expert guidance. Ozee Migration simplifies the visa process by offering comprehensive support from start to finish providing all the information you need in order to reach your visa outcome. Our team of expert visa and migration agent in Adelaide have a wealth of experience in the Australian immigration process, including Subclass 186 skilled work visas.

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