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Tourist visa to Student Visa

Australia is a country that many people dream of visiting one day. It is the perfect place to escape for those who seek adventure. Along with all that natural beauty, the country also has world-class universities and a high-quality education system that attracts around 250,000 international students annually. If you are a tourist who is planning to pursue some short-term course, you might want to extend your stay in Australia and for this, you need a student visa. But Could you convert your Visitor Visa to a Student Visa?

The visitor visa can be converted to one for study without ever having to leave the country. Most tourist visas allow for stays of up to 3 months at a time. If your current visa doesn’t have any ‘No Further Stay’ conditions, then you can apply for a student visa.

Visitor visa holders can study in Australia for up to 3 months at a time. As an applicant, if you have an immoral track record it eliminates you from being eligible for a visa change.

Australian Visa 600 grants you the right to visit your family in Australia, as well as giving you the right to enter the country for a short business or tourist visit. It also permits the completion of short educational courses with a duration of fewer than three months. The visa can be a three-month, six-month, or twelve-month one and if you’re just wanting a slight extension to your student visa or something, this is the right option for you.

To apply for an Australian 600 visa, follow these two steps:

You can start the registration process for your Australian ImmiAccount by going to their website.

Fill out all required information and provide all requested documents.

Submit the application and pay the required fees. If you do not provide all the information required, your processing times may be significantly increased.

Biometrics may be requested when visiting a local processing center with the aim of obtaining a travel document.

Australian Visa 600 Fees

Varying fees for the Australian visa exist and depend on the length of stay. The cost can range from AU$153-365

Processing time for visa 600

The process of changing your tourist visa into a student visa takes less time in comparison to other visa applications. It usually takes 4-5 months to process 75% of applications and annually, 90% of all applications are processed.

If you are eligible and want to apply for a tourist visa to a student visa in Australia, make sure you follow the conditions and criteria.

  • Plan on studying for a maximum of 3 months.
  • Enough finance to support your stay.

Step To Transfer From Tourist Visa To Student Visa

Often visa applications can fail if they are not processed properly, but this happens most often when people are moving from visitor visas to student visas. Government departments may think that your reasons for studying in their country are not genuine and this is an important factor when applying for a student visa.

The requirements for these scenarios are to either return to your country of origin and get a student visa, or apply through a country’s embassy in your home country.

If your tourist visa has condition 8503 applied to it, you may be able to have this waived.
Australia requires student visa applicants to provide the additional following documentation:

  • You are able to provide valid reasons why you may have chosen to study in another country.
  • Your immigration history contains nothing that indicates your intention to stay in Australia.
  • This course is appropriate to your current education and will help you advance in your career, or it’s appropriate to your current employment and will help you secure a promotion.
  • You meet all of the previous visa requirements and have the intention to continue to meet the new student visa requirements.
  • You need to be prepared to write a statement demonstrating your recent experience, and also should include an evidence claim.
Navigating the Complexities

Your Trusted Partner for Successful Student Visa Transitions

  • Applying for a student visa conversion can be difficult and depend on various factors. You might not even get a response if your application wasn’t successful
  • At ozeemigration , we have the right team to help you with your student visa conversion. The process is the same as the process outlined in the previous step. The additional documents needed are a document, a time frame, and finances.
  • We make sure that none of the requirements are missed in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to change a visitor visa to a student visa in Australia?

Yes, it is possible to change a visitor visa to a student visa in Australia. It all boils down to your individual circumstance and what’s been your history of travel and visas in the past.

Can a Visitor Visa be changed into Work Visa?

No, a work visa is not an option. If you want to study abroad, you can get a student visa. Once you have that, you can apply for a 20-hour work permit each week.

With a tourist visa converted to a student visa, can I face problems for getting PR or TR?

No, you won’t. Once you switch to a student visa, your tourist permit gets revoked. What happens next is that you’re able to convert to TR, then PR just like everyone else can too.

Cost Required For Australian Student Visa?

The costs depend on the course and university you’re enrolling in. Generally, you should have an estimated amount of 1-year tuition fee, accommodation, and plane fare for a duration of at least 3 months saved in your bank account beforehand.

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