Our professionalism


‘the key to quality and efficiency is professionalism’

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Characteristics of Professionalism

Reliability To get the job done in more efficient way is our key to success, due to which our clients trust us and refer us to others. Ozee Migration services is a reliable name in this industry.

CompetenceProfessionals strive to become experts in their field, which sets them apart from the rest of the pack.  Ozee Migration services always remain upto date with changes by attending seminars or information from DIBP. Ozee Migration services is also a member of MIGRATION INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA and MIGRATION ALLIANCE.

Ethics Compulsory bindings of Code of conduct always motivate us to work ethically, Ozee Migration services always display ethical behaviours at all the times.

Organisational Skills A professional can quickly and easily find what is needed. Ozee Migration services find out the best solution for clients.

Accountability Ozee Migration Services are accountable for their actions at all times. As a RMA, we need to work under strict code of conduct from MARA and laws and policies under Migration act 1958 and Regulations 1994./p>